About us

From hosting tons of web sites back in 2005 managed by 3 students.

To hosting ideas in the broadest sense tomorrow.

Wat we do

We create solutions to host your ideas.


Technology is only as good as the people behind it


Where we came from and what we do now.

Back in 2005 we started Jhost.nl as a pure hosting company. We served tons of websites from AMS-IX the heart of the Internet. Today we still host data and serve the world wide web.

But where once webhosting, CRM/ERP or guest & photobooks were our core business. Today we still handle bigdata-sets but generated by AI and sensors instead of people.

Printed Circuits Boards, Industrial computers, Software, Firmware
Name it we engineer it.

If you need a hardware solution around a PCBA or a specific gateway or just a simple blinking LED strip on a POS or kiosk system. We engineer and supply the solution, just in time.

happy clients

140+ Projects

More than 140 custom engineered solutions has been successful.


Bright ideas didn't see daylight. (Not every thing went perfect.)

450K Deliveries

We delivered over 450K pcs of electronic solutions in Europe alone.